Using advice wisely


Hello all again,


Well, last night I finally took the plunge - I visited my local chess club to see about joining! I was quite nervous about how my standard would be compared to the other players (the london league is ridiculous for standard), however there were people of all abilities there, as well as a league match going on. It was fun seeing people's reactions to positions as opposed to the usual 'FUUUUU' you get online.

Anyway, I played five quick games, winning two and losing three, which I was happy enough with. However I received some good advice. In the first game I won, my opponent said my calm and active play was unrecognisable to the overly aggressive play I was doing in the previous game I lost. In the second game I won, my opponent again commented on my very aggressive play, and said that although it is good in a quick environment solidifying is better in the long run. 

So with that in mind, I played this game this morning on here and I'm quite pleased with how I managed to squeeze the position. And just shuffle my pieces around. Anyway, as always, thoughts and comments of any nature are welcome.



I also have the problem of always wanting to play super aggressive (sacking pieces without a very clear advantage, etc.).

And I commend you for joining a chess club. I'd like to but I feel too intimidated/not skilled enough.


very nice, in the last 24 hours you have learned more than the month before it seems. Knowing when to sac and attack, and when not to is crucial to chess. Paience is what makes a player better than their opponent


Might be a great time to review Steinitz's famous laws of chess (or any turn-based game).


\Guys join a club my online rating jumped from 1500s to 1900s within a year of joining a club. This was not the only factor I was working hard too but having more experinced players around to discuss things with and the experience of playing competative chess otb is massive when it comes to improving.