Very long and odd game


Just finished this game.  Very long endgame (one of the longest I've played, I think), and lots of unusual events.  We each promoted pawns, and I was on my third queen at the ending.  And I almost blew it at one point, came close to losing at the end, and was thinking the best I might get is a stalemate.  So the victory was really nice to achieve. 

Welcome any construtive feedback.


Thanks, MJCG.  My thought on 69 Qd2 was that is keeps him penned in.  I was afraid of Kc2, though in retrospect, 69 Kc4 Kc2, 70 Qd3+ prevents that anyway.  But I'm not sure Qd2 deserved ?? -- does it?  Though Black's Ka2 pins the pawn, if he had moved to a1, I was prepared to pin it anyway with Qc3.


You missed the win when you played 65. Kf6??. (Well you got the win back later on, because of black not finding the drawn variation as we have seen in the other posts.)

The right move was 65. Qc2!

Check it out on Nalimov:


Thanks.  I like that (65. Qc2), but never saw it.