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White's Only Resources!! - Tournament Analysis

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    before beginning, if you would like to first get background info please see this : http://www.chess.com/forum/view/game-showcase/position-against-a-2191---draw


    In the same tournament in the first round, i was quite tired as i came home from a 2- day trip at 7 and the tournament started at 10. i obtained an early advantage, but in overconfidence blundered back the advantage. soon , i

    reached the following calculated position :







    i was scared to hell that i miscalculated when i saw Rd2. But, soon i managed to win the game ( AS WHITE!!! ) how?

    - ill leave that to you to figure out. i won my next round and my round 3 game is in the first link - and the fourth round was as easy as cake. i lost the 5th to a unrated ( who finished 8th , beating some 1600 - 1700s ) and won the 6th. in the 7th, i once again managed to obtain a very scary position ( as white... i played risky chess as white... ) :








    This game too i managed to win!! and in the next game, i lost on the 9th board, and in the ultimate round i slaughtered my opponent in 15 moves ( i brought his king to g6 in the French Defense ! he lost a queen and a piece and resigned ).

     Find the two combinations if you can!

    Anyone get the answers , post em.


    P.S. Both games are based on combinations , either positional or tactical - i am a stronger tactical player though.

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    * BUMP!! *

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    In the first one, 1. Qf5! Qxf5 (1... gxf5? 2. Rxh5 mate) 2. Nxf5 gxf5. White returns the piece to avoid mate.

    In the second one. 1. Ra8! Rd2+ 2. Rxd2 Rxa8 3. Rc2 Ra3 4. Kd3 Ke7 4. Kc4 Kd6 5. Kb4 Ra8 6. Kxc3 wins a pawn, but the ending should still be drawn after 5... Ke5.

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    thanks for the exclamations! and yes, i DID play those two moves. In the first game, i was quite low on time, but in overconfidence my Opponent played gxh5 ?? Rxh5#. ( Rybka shows 0.6 plus for me anyways . )

    in the second game, too, my technique was precise while my opponent slowly made his own position losing .

    the continuation was something like 1. Ra8! Ke7? (missing stiff resistance)

    2. Rxd8 Rxd8 3. Rxc3 and 1 - 0 later.


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