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wild attack!!

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    why does Nb3+ mate faster after axb3?

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    JG27Pyth wrote:

    Everyone but me seems to like this game. Well congrats I guess it's a crowd-pleaser. Sorry to be the sour puss my wife yelled at me this morning and it gave a bad attitude ... I can't get past the opening and the minor piece sac. It's so unsound! 

    Yes, yes, many of the games I have lost was because I thought my opponent was playing an unsound game.

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    Nice game..

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    OmarCayenne wrote:

    lol...23... O-O-O+ (I don't think I've ever seen queenside castling with check!) and the position of the Black h-pawns...that was truly a great one!  I think 28... Bb3 was good as well (forcing 29 Qxd2).  Anyway, a fun game indeed!

    i arrived here after googling to see how rare that is, after finishing this game: http://www.chess.com/echess/game?id=68975074

    also found this other thread, o_O+



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