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YouTube video: Playing vs a bullet monster

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    I decided to play a longer bullet session and got a very speedy opponent after few initial games. The start was really bad but I got the hang of it towards the end. That match starts at 12:30 minutes.


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    For me it is difficult to understand how people can see any pattern at this speed. Already in 3 minutes blitz I get often crushed against people who are rated 300 points below me in rapid or daily chess.
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    You often have to think while already making a move. There is not much space for losing time..happy.png

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    People say bullet is luck but it isn't it's a different knid of skill. In slow you need to see all the lines in bullet you have to see the important things fast. You are quite a bullet monster too. I must admit I am amased by the fact that you can commentate and play bullet at your usual level, how do you stay concentrated ?

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    Just watched the next part of your video and you say your finding it hard but I must say that the amount your doing is impressive.

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    Thank you @JamesAgadir. I can comment while playing when the game is not so difficult or the direction is going towards is predictable. With that other guy (2700+) I could comment, but my level would significantly drop and I could hardly win a game..

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    Really tough opponent and you at least held your rating against him. Nice job!

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    Thanks  @JamesColeman, I plan on improving on it!happy.png


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