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#1 chess player

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    hey! guys I just looked at the FIDE Top Players and statiscics and I found out that the chess player that was ranked #1 the most times is Garry Kasparov. Mabye you have heard of him but he is amazing! at chess, he is from russia and has been ranked #1 23 times!!! That pretty impessive. 

    he was ranked #1 in these categorys

    top 100 players jan. 2006 rating: 2812

    top 100 players oct. 2005 rating: 2812

    top 100 players july 2005 rating: 2812

    april 2005 rating: 2812

    jan.2005 rating: 2804

    oct.2004 rating: 2813

    july 2004 rating: 2817

    april 2004 rating: 2817

    jan. 2004 rating: 2831

    oct. 2003 rating: 2830

    and so on...

    But!!! do you really think he deserved to be#1 overall.

    because there are some people on chess.com that have higher ratings? your choice

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    i think someone on chess.com should be ranked #1 overall 

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    see that's what I mean!

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    Surprised 2833 rating!!! He either is a gm or he is just amazing at chess and does not have a rating outside of chess.com which would my estimation be like 2100 something so.... WOW


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