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3 reasons Why "Online Chess" ratings deserves no repsect

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    Ziryab wrote:
    nameno1had wrote:
    Ziryab wrote:

    I want to know why my Scrabble rating remains so low.

    There are plenty of scrabble cheat apps....

    That's dorta what I thought. The moderators of Scrabble should use Facebook privacy and hacked NSA data to root out the cheats.

    They can also load the app directly through their phone and their is no way to monitor that Facebook. Since they decided the NSA's choice to eavesdrop was unconstitutional, they'd be your only hope but, their hands are tied now.....

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    tubebender wrote:
    Ziryab wrote:
    tedthepirate wrote:

    Yeah I agree, correspondence chess rating is irrelevent. I don't see how anyone could possibly disagree. Real chess is to play on the spot, with equal, real times. (Yes I know I have a online rating that is the highest. One more game to finish then never again.)

    NOOOOO. My correspondence rating is my life. Nothing else matters.

    I believe in quality Chess. I play USCF Correspondence Chess; you actually can create beauty.

    Chess is chess. It doesn't matter what time control it is because the pieces are always arranged the same way on the board (unless your playing 960 of course), but when it comes down to it, it doesn't matter if the time control is 14 days or 1 minute, its still chess.

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    Please let dead threads stay dead.

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    I feel it depends where your strengths lie, take this guy:

    He's constantly putting up games he's won on bullet showing his great checkmates, I'm sure he wouldn't have got so many of them if his opponent wasn't under time pressure.
    Personally I'm terrible with a minute on the clock, I find that I just end up making nothing moves in the hope that my opponent will run out of time first, I don't consider this 'real' chess. 


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