A flawed brilliancy


nice work!
Excellent job! 
   Brilliancy? I don't get it! It looks like White's winning all the way until 18 hxg4. Why did the game end? It wasn't mate. White still has some fight with the R's & N attacking the King. What am I missing?

i had a game with a similar curcumstance

 i was losing badly when i realized that if i traded my pieces correctly i would have 2 rooks and he would have a rook and a knight. You have to see the endgame piece value


but from move 4 you had mate in 2

5. Bc5 6. Ng5 7. Bxf7#

After 5 Bc5 black simply plays 5...Bg7 and 6...O-O 
Don1, that is why it is called a 'flawed' brilliancy'. Because White was winning, but Black turned the tables after a weak white move, 23. Kg1. Instead white would win with 23. Rf5
sorry I thought you meant you were playing the brilliacy!
I wish I was, but chess is such a game that lies do not lie on the board!
I agree ketchuplover, but there is also the saying that good players are lucky
yeah good game but it could have been mate it was mate in two though but i agree good players r lucky good game
I know, I am late! I liked your game. It was fun. Talking about good players being lucky... I wonder where I would be without "LUCK!"

I was able to draw Little Chess Partner playing Black and on the HARD level.  Blundered away a bishop in the endgame and still got a draw by repetition of position! 

I've noticed LCP doesn't like a blocked center and having to manuver on the flanks-- it is a tricky little beast, now doubt!


chessiq - thanks for the comments - I love to win chess games and am very involved when I am playing - thought my play was accurate - but later on analysis showed that I was lucky - we all need luck to progress in life too, I guess!
huh! y did the game end? white still has some fight with the rook on d1!!
The game went on for about 20 moves more - white is stymied - his pieces lack mobility in spite of the open board and his King stands exposed