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A GM's rating without being a GM?

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    VladimirHerceg91 wrote:

    This is a post of the theoretical variety. 

    I wonder... How skilled of a player do you have to be to be rated 2500? 

    Let me explain by giving a background on my thought process. I thought, I am rated 1200. If I keep playing players that are about 900 or 1000 over and over and beating them could I achieve a 2500 level rating?

    But of course this doesn't seem practical, without doing any calculations at all I figure it would take millions of games if it's at all possible. 

    Therefore, I am wondering if we took a 2000 level player and kept matching them against say 1500 rated players over and over. Would their goal of reaching 2500 in this nature be a possibility? 

    I should also mention that I don't mean an internet rating, where the games are easily accessible. I mean is it practically possible through tournament play? 

    That was that guy Shkuro did: beat lower opponents over and over until he eventually reached the world top ten in blitz!


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