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account upgrade

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    i want to upgrade my account , i havnet done this because of 2 main reason the first its that im cheap , i went to see the cost of upgrading and it was too high , thats what i tought when i check for prizes without realizing it was pèsos and not dollars what i was seeong so its not expensive at all very afordable and i would love to upgrade it. the second reason its i have no credit card so i cant pay , i live in Tijuana so i can buy pay cards or something else from San ysidro or send you a money order or something , do you have an idea on how could i pay to upgrade, please send me a replay if you do . I thank you in advance , your true admiror JEGZ P.D. I have no idea where this post should be so please send it to where it belongs ( not the trash can i hope )

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    Can you set up a Paypal account? I don't have a creditcard either (but a visa electron), and I managed to get it working just fine. The only problem(?) was that I had to wait for two days for the money to transfer from my account to paypal.

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    ill try


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