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Advanced Chess

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    Can someone please explain the point of advanced chess (chess while consulting houdini)? Like what is the point of this match? http://www.chessbase.com/Home/TabId/211/PostId/4009384/first-female-advanced-chess-match-drawn-050413.aspx

    Isn't every game just going to be drawn?

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    Yeah, it's boring, I don't think it will ever catch on.

    Once people get over the fact that computers play better it will be back to business as usual I assume.  Tournaments, clubs, etc.  It's still the same great game with the same great competition.

    I think it's just people's reaction trying to deal with a world where world-beater chess playing programs exist.  However not only are "solutions" beyond memorization, but many times the moves computers suggest aren't practical for people to mimic in any case.  Either because they're not correct, or too tactical.  It's reassuring the highest rated player in the world plays such human chess so successfully.  Indeed, no reaction is necessary at all.  As I said, IMO it will be business as usual and this strange variant will be passed over without much consideration.

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    I don't think this computer has ever played against moi.  My running list of nicknames go as such; Hulkemania, chess god, the hammer, rook for lunch and last but not least, shower then devour.


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