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All OTB chess rating federations ?

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    The question is what national chess federations have their own rating systems and not just FIDE ratings.

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    So, again : see posts 2, 4 and 10, up till now we only have six answers ; what about other countries ? Foreign readers of this forum : please reply ! Thanks, let's make a huge list !

    And about the word "distinct", yes I once had 1653 as Dutch KNSB rating, by playing for years in national clubs and matches, --  and I never have had a FIDE rating ( I now should say : of course  not )

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    The USCF rulebook mentions some other rating systems, to use for foreign players in USCF events along with suggested conversions to get closer to USCF ratings.

    I haven't had time to look all of them up but it does appear that the Philippines NCFP has a local rating system.

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    Not scientific, but an indirect "proof" of some national rating system is the following :

    India has some 7000 active FIDE rated players ; and 550.000 members here at chess.com ; somebody still has to check whether the Indian Chess League has an own rating system, but I bet there will be one for part of the remaining 543.000 players.

    The Netherlands (under 17.000.000 inhabitants) have 1840 active FIDE rated players ; and over 60.000 here on chess.com, with either a) a FIDE rating or b) a Dutch KNSB rating or c) without rating.

    For the USA and the UK we know it already from post 1 ; let readers from (at random) Ireland, Turkey, Serbia, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Croatia and Denmark tell us what national rating system they have !

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    Here are the other rating systems mentioned in the USCF rulebook (printed in 2005) and not already mentioned above. I'm not sure all of them are still active but they might be.

    Quebec (not a national chess federation but aparently had/has its own rating system)

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    Completed some quick searching.

    Malaysia has its own rating system: MCF rating.

    Australia has its own: ACF rating.

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    There are a whole bunch of links to different federations in the comments of the below site.


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    Thanks Stahl

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    Up til now 9 ratings are mentioned in this forum : FIDE, USCF, ECF/BCF, CFC, KNSB, DWZ, NCFP, MCF and ACF ; plus the list of chessninja.com.

    I can add Italy : ELO rating, based on the same criteria of FIDE rating.  In Italy there are about 15.500 national rated players plus about 5.700 FIDE rated players (active and inactive).

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    In Poland, we have a fixed rating system. That is, once you reach next level you cannot go down. Difference between adjacent levels is 200 points so you can be 1200, 1400, 1600 and so on.

    There are ridiculous situations when a 1800-rated player has FIDE elo below 1500.

    This is because national rating show peak performance and has nothing to actual strength. This is mainly visible among kids - they play each other and pump the national rating but do improve their level that much. When they play in a FIDE tournament they get ratings which are closer to their real chess strength.

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    seems like USCF, CFC and Poland use the same I bet most the ones named in post #29 use the same except ACF they have there own unique rating system which is different from other rating systems it seems 

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    dzikus, that would give the same problem that I have read here  about the USCF. That the elderly people that no longer can play at a high level are forced to play in sections where they can really compete for prizes. 

    They are 1500, but are forced to play in the 2000 sections.

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    In South Africa we have Chessa. There seems to be quite a good correlation with Fide ratings, although we dont have very many Fide rated players.

    We're too far out of the way to get Fide tourneys here, our top players normally spend some time in Europe to do that

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    The Czech Republic has the Šachový svaz České republiky. It has its own rating list.

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    socialista, you are right. National ratings are lifetime in Poland and once you achieve some level you cannot play in lower sections despite the fact your actual chess strength is lower because of age.

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    couldn't find anything on the Czech Republic but something interesting that I did find was chessa which does seem to have its own unique way of assigning ratings seperate from other federations.

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    ThrillerFan wrote:
    RomyGer wrote:

    Of course ! I think each country has his own, like we in the Netherlands have the KNSB-rating for hundreds of club players ( the N stands for Netherlands and the S for Schaak/Chess, the KNSB is the Dutch Chess Alliance/League ) 

    So pull your socks up, start a list of countries !

    You really think every country has a federation?

    Can you please give me info on the CCF (Congo Chess Federation)?  I've been so dying to join that Federation it's unexplainable the amount of pain I'm feeling.  Help me now!  (LOL!)

    The Congo chess federation is called "Federation Congolaise des jeux d`Echecs". If you would like to contact them, their address is Ville de Kinshasa, Complexe Omnisport, Stade des Martyrs - Entree 19, BP 13469 Kinshasa I, Democratic Republic of Congo. Do you need their phone and FAX numbers?

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    In Ireland we have a rating system, usually the ratings are about 100-200 below our FIDE counterparts. Pretty snazzy website though. http://ratings.icu.ie/home

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