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Am I addicted to Chess?

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    Chess is a lifestyle

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    Let's be honest guys, it may be stimulating but it certainley isn't productive. I am an adict too unfortunately. Chess is more than a sore spot with my wife. She aboslutely hates it. She gave away all my chess sets and books, I've even deleted and unistalled all chess books and software, but you can't delete chess.com. At work, the afternoon belongs to chess. At home, my free time belongs to chess. I just find myself playing. Been trying to stop for years now. I've tried counselling, ut this not being a drug is much more difficult to stop I think. Right now even, I woke up to study but have been playing chess for the past 2 hours. I've put of courses because of chess. I seriously need hed help, or is it just self control?

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    the best addiction EVER ! :)

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    Chess players anonomous is needed


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     My personal advice is that chess isn't the answer to everything as all life isn't about war!! or a battle against everyone else you meet. For me its helped to to learn to consolidate my things and keep things organised and maybe to not let things drift too far ahead of me. Chess doesn't teach how to love, be sociable, dance or be passionate. Love and Peace everybody happy.png

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    Or an addiction lol

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    Chess can be very addictive indeed. I fell into that trap at some point.

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    Question for you players over 2000 rating? What do you tend to do for a living? Just curious as you have to have something about you to hold a rating that high? although not quite at IM or GM level.


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    I'm addicted. Have to be cause I'm a bit slow I think so I need twice as much time to learn. But I get there in the end you just wait & see magnus carlsen

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    same thing gf already knows if I sound distracted on the phone or am generally not paying attention to her she asks r u playing chess


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