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Am I following the rules?

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    Hi all, I'm new to the site, and I want to make sure I don't break the rules.  I play correspondence chess, and my understanding of the rules is that using reference material for openings is allowed.  So if my opponent plays some opening I've never seen, I can look it up online and see what the main line is.  I can't use analysis engines, but I can use previously written material.  Is that right?  Thanks!

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    Correct. You can use any static reference material: books, opening databases etc, but can't use an engine (or endgame tablebases) or otherwise ask for advice on a specific position.

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    You can also move the pieces around in between moves (you probably already knew that) but I think it's worth playing CC games like over-the-board games - really helps to keep your calculating ability strong

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    Ok, thanks.  Out of curiosity, why are references ok for openings, but not for endgames?

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    References are fine for endgames, as long as they are static. Endgame tablebases give moves based on the board position. If you got into a bishop endgame and wanted to look it up in Silman's endgame course for example, that is completely fine.


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