analise this??


I analised this game and computer says that i made an error by scarificing my bishop. but as you see i won the game in ten? why does the copmputer so me other options and win the game in 16. surly this was aperfect game for anyone?


The link fails for some reason.


maybe it is wont let anyone else see it ?


Yes. You could post the whole game here in a reply, without the computer comments.

Anyway, the probable reason is that your bishop sacrifice was bad, because your opponent could have defended against it. That you won meant that he didn't.

Or something else, but that's most likely.


yea, just because you win a game doesn't make it well played.  :D


well here is the actual game, i think it was well played the bishop was the whole plan to sacrifice,


Yes, but it wasn't a good move. Say on black's 8th move, if he hadn't played 8...d6?? (losing blunder) but instead 8...Qg5, then your attack is over and you're just a bishop down. I suspect 7...Ke8 too, I feel the king should go elsewhere but don't have time to look now.


that is very true it would have been a game where i would have maybe lost from that point. but this game he blundered and i didnt. the bishop is up for sacrifice with the kings gambit, an experianced player would have maybe played 8...Qg5.

we play to take chances and get the other to blunder, this move will panick many of the higher playes too into making blunders. i have been on the losing side of the scarifice before and it has not worked out for me. i have lost badly with low rated players too, just the luck of the game i guess. but i still consider the computer is wrong but saying my planned scarifice was a blunder.


You play Hope Chess -- you play a move hoping that your opponent won't play the best possible reply.

If you keep doing that, you will not improve much in chess strength. Trust me.


i see your point and it is true. maybe i should also see the dangers of moves and the worst situations rather then taking chances. will try to think more of the move and i now consider i was lucky to win the game.

thank you=)


I have had lower rated players try that against me. All I do is take the bishop and move back and relax. When you sacrifice something you have to be in the best possible position to follow up on the sacrifice and not let him have ANY breathing room.

Here is the game that that move was played against me. For winning the game in 16 moves I think I have you beat. :) No offense meant.


i see your point and it is true. maybe i should also see the dangers of moves and the worst situations rather then taking chances.   THIS IS A GREAT IDEA! Start doing it all the time!

Save taking chances for bullet and blitz games when you can't be sure of your best move due to time constraints or you're just not sure of what to do.

You could try using the game explorer here to see how MASTERS play the openings and try using their lines instead of your own, at least until you opponent takes you "out of (the) book"  ie known opening theory