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Sorry I wasn't sure where to post this so thought I first would try here. Just a quick dumb question. Is using the analysis board that is provided at to go over the game previous as well as to review upcoming potential moves cheating? I asked a friend who thought it was. But then I thought since the other person also has that option is one really cheating? Person I asked, he and I only play on actual boards, not online.


Thanks All, Appreciate Your Opinions.


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The use of the analysis board is allowed during games.


Thanks for asking that question.  I use the board and it helps me a lot.  Sometimes I choose my move there, return to the main board, look again and find I better go back to the analysis board!  I think, though, that using that board is not the best practice for a 'live' tournament setting and visualizing the moves is probably better training in the classic sense.


I do know what you mean. You can do it, but is it in the spirit of the game?

I think that analysis boards and databases are in the spirit of correspondence chess, but not OTB, but ofcourse it is still upto you whether you use them or not


Thanks all for your thoughts!

I have only just picked up playing chess with sincere interest in the past year. I learned as a child but was never able to get into it until recently. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't cheating. I do typically go over to the analysis board and begin playing myself. Trying to figure out what way I want to move and anticipate counter moves. It doesn't always work, not in the least. But it has been helping me learn which is what I'm really here for. Just to learn and improve my game. And I figured if everyone was on the same playing field it was okay. And the board is there as well to be used freely.

Sorry for the length. Thanks again all for the help.


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`By definition of correspondemce chess, NO, of course not?

If not meant to be used, then either it would not be available or the site administrators wouls not make it available without

sone mention of its precluded use....

Olaying with two 2500 level, that's another story....