And Yet MORE Silly Rules In Chess lol


Interestingly, King Richard did not speak English at all, just a couple of French dialects.  I'm not sure what Lenny Bongcloud spoke...




Shippen: Good point on the imbalance in the game. If your opponent does not have a Queen you should get a Queen either, we must be fair.


Thanks for all of these recent posts.

I am a bit concerned about a couple of people stating that Chess is perfect as it is, that is a very bad attitude to take. Human Beings left the Caveman type of existence behind thousand of years ago because we strive to improve things. Do we really want to go back to using smoke-signals instead of the internet ?

cabadenwurt wrote:

Berder: Yes you are quite right in that Lenny Bongcloud blazed a new trail of his own. I mean sending his King deep deep into enemy territory. The King leading the charge himself as in days of old --- all hail King Richard The Lionheart ( and Lenny Bongcloud too of course ).

Blazed is definitely the right word.


Thanks for the post Ivandh. Well the idea that Lenny Bongcloud had may not have been a great idea but it was something new, might perhaps shake things up a bit in the suffy old world of Chess.

Javan64: Yes that was after the Norman invasion of 1066AD and it took a few hundred years for things to settle down again after the Normans took over.


Well, I think my chessvariant Economy Chess has the potential to give chess a fresh change. This sounds very unhumble and I may be wrong, but after playing many games I am getting more and more convinced of this. What helps me believing is that 2100-ish rated player Boletus_CZ says it is one of his favorite variants (read his blog: Economy Chess - try it and you'll love it). When I came up with the variant I thought of it as a variant that is completely different from normal chess. But, unintentionally, most of the gameplay is just like the standard chess we all play.

How does it change standard chess:

- different move evaluation because some moves give an economical advantage
- not only you have to protect pieces, but also area's of the board
- the purchase of pieces adds ton of strategy (where and when to place them). The rules for placement are quite strict which is good, because otherwise its impossible to plan your moves.
- you'll have crazy combinations of pieces: 10 pawns, 5 rooks.. anything is possible

What's the same:
- all normal FIDE rules apply
- if your positional play is very strong you can finish the game like a standard chess game -your opponent didnt even get the chance to buy new pieces
- you cant buy when under check, so putting pressure on the king is just as important as in standard chess.

Read the rules here
Join the Economy Chess group for future updates
Download the free software to play the game
A video explaining the rules:

This was the first game between me and Boletus_CZ. (please note: I was bad at chess and I still am, but its a good video to see what the game is like)



Thank for the info ElKitch, I'm sure that some of the visitors to this thread will find your post interesting. Perhaps someone will report back after they have tried playing a game.


Hope so, I'm planning to do a software update this year that makes it more easy to play other people. Best would be to add AI so people can play the computer, but that is very expensive so unless someone is willing to do it for little money it wont be possible anytime soon. If people want to play they should join the group and challende people. The software + chat makes it possible to play.


Pawn odds: 5 minutes vs 3

Knight odds: 5 minutes vs 2

Queen odds: 3 minutes vs 1

Might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I think it would be fun and good for getting a feel of material vs clock time


Thanks for the recent posts.

I see that the thread to abolish the Stalemate has now gone to over 1000 total posts. I have only one question: How did this happen People ? ( Oh the Humanity  etc etc ).


Abolish stalemate?  I don't get it.  Sat. night I weasled a draw (via stalemate) in an OTB tournament with a player who was 200 points higher than me ... I kinda like the idea, personally. Smile


Thanks for the post Javan64. I'm with you on this one, if a person can't Checkmate his opponent then nobody gets a win. Seems very simple to me.  Smile


I can't "contribute" to that post, I see I'm blocked by Monster. Wonder why or when that happened, I must have upset him sometime in the past Laughing

rooperi wrote:

I can't "contribute" to that post, I see I'm blocked by Monster. Wonder why or when that happened, I must have upset him sometime in the past

Logic will do it. Just ask Grobe.

rooperi wrote:

I can't "contribute" to that post, I see I'm blocked by Monster. Wonder why or when that happened, I must have upset him sometime in the past

He can't take criticism, even as he throws insults all about.  I think he is about 13 and thinks he knows everything.


Estragon, you are giving him too much credit.


Well I see that we have another rather " Silly " thread on the go here: about how anyone can become a Super GM. Not just a basic plain-jane GM but a Super GM --- oh boy  lol. 


As one reads thru the posts in this thread one might think that the odd new rule being proposed here is a bit " out there " lol. However one of the oddest things that I've seen in these forums recently is that the thread in regards to abolishing the Stalemate rule has now gone to over 1500 posts. So is that silly or is that insane hmmm ?