And Yet MORE Silly Rules In Chess lol

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    Thanks for all of the new posts.

    I see that nobody has taken an interest in my Chug-a-lug Chess Match idea ( back on page 6 ). Well we all know what Swingers Chess players are, I mean finish a Game and it's off to the nearest Pub to get plastered  lol. I do think that we need to be more creative tho to get more people interested in Chess. 

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    Pawns should be able to move horizontally 

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    Someone has a thread on the go now because they want to be Congratulated after they win a Game. Well it is nice if your oponent says gg after a Game but a lot of people here just want to play without chatting at all. Mind you we could take a survey and if enough people need to be Congratulated then we could ask to add a new feature. After a player wins a game his Computer could blare out a recording of The Double Eagle March and the Monitor could show a clip of Fireworks going off ( indicating that the person who won is truly a Wonderful Human Being ! ).   

    Instead of congratualating the winner -- how about the first eight bars of the winner's national anthem?

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    Are you Loco?

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    En passant is part of a rule. It makes the pawn more special and have more power in capturing the pawns.

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    As I mentioned in my first post this thread was set up tongue-in-cheek and we certainly are getting some fun ideas for new rules  lol.  

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    We had a variant we played in the coffee house some years ago.

    Only once, every game, each player has the right to insist that his opponent tales back his move, and make another legal move.

    Some amazing tactics came out of this, you had to make sure you have at least 2 ways to escape a check, otherwise it might turn into mate :)

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    I think that if you're playing at Easter you should be able to resurrect a previously captured Bishop once during a game.

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    Rooperi: That is definitely a very interesting variation of the Game. Did they serve anything stronger than Coffee at this place ?  Smile

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    cabadenwurt wrote:

    Rooperi: That is definitely a very interesting variation of the Game. Did they serve anything stronger than Coffee at this place ? 

    yeah, but we're only poor chessplayers.

    Greenfields used to serve a bottomless coffee for R8.00 ( around 1 US$), and we used to take serious advantage of that :)

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    Let's think logically, guys.

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    Oh I see, well somebody was doing good in coming up with that rule for a fun variation. 

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    Oh the young people today are so impatient  lol. Earlier today I'm getting ready for a live game here, the board sets itself up on the screen and by the luck of the draw I get Black. My opponent make his 1st move and I make a quick reply so that the server will not abort the game. Then I'm trying to anticipate the 2cnd move from White but now I see he had typed in " Hi " ( friendly little fellow ). So I start to type in Hello in my slow one- finger method but he gets mad and disables chat ( impatient or what ). So we play on and when we get to the Endgame I'm up a couple of pawns and now I get about 1/2 a dozen Draw offers. In the end I win the game and the yo-yo sends a rematch request of all things. Anyway my silly idea here is for a new feature to be able to block Draw requests after the first one, some people can be rather annoying. Yell  

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    Every check must occur with a silly walk. Eevry double check has 2 silly walks.

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    Linuxblue1: Good idea, just like at the Ministry Of Silly Walks on Monty Python.  Laughing

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    People only ever ask for a rematch when they lose. And if they win the rematch and you ask them for a rematch, they'll decline. Never fails.

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    I think sometimes people ask for a rematch if they think you're a fish (maybe you blundered in the first game) but I agee totally with you assessment.  If you accede to a rematch after winning and do so continually, winning 10 games in a row, if you then lose the 11th game, the person will suddenly disconnect.  I've solved this problem by never accepting rematches, win or lose.

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    I sometimes accept a rematch but not always. I usually don't play more than twice though.

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    ivandh wrote:

    I think it is interesting that the Queen has a weakness for dashing knights...

    I think it is interesting that the beauty pageant is almost impossible to catch for the poor geriatric

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    pellik wrote:

    One last rule, to keep things interesting, is that pawns which promote should become kings (none of this only one king business). This is in the true american spirit showing how anyone can become king of america. 

    This would clearly improve chess, and I think would be a quite popular game.

    It's interesting to me that many of these goofy rules have been, or in some cases are still, standard rules at certain places or times.


    Pawns capturing forward is standard in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Chess.  Queens that only move one square, like the King, could be found in Courrier Chess.

    And even the above rule has its place in history.  In Tamerlane's Chess, known from three historical manuscripts from the time of Tamerlane, each pawn had a type that corresponded to another piece.  If the Pawn of Rooks promoted, it became a rook

    .  If the Pawn of Knights promoted, it became a knight.  Similarly for the pawn of camels, elephants, giraffes, viziers, fez, bishops, and war machines.  However, what of the Pawn of Kings?  Did it become a king?  Pretty much, yes.  It became a Prince.

    When the Prince is on the board, the king is allowed to remain in check.  If the King is captured, the prince becomes the new king.


    Tamerlane's Chess also has one of the coolest features ever, which should definitely be incorporated into modern Chess.  Once per game, when the king is in check, the player may perform a "ransom move".  To make a ransom move, the king trades places with any other of his own pieces (including pawns).

    (For an annotated example game, see


    ( pictures seem to have disappeared from the web site.  Must investigate.  The annotation really needs pictures.)

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