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Annotated Free Database Wanted

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    I am looking for a free annotated chess pgn database arranged by opening. Must contain thousands of games. Anyone know where I can download such a database? 

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    epoqueepique wrote:


    They appear to be "computer annotated" -- nothing but a few variations here and there in the few of their examples that I checked.

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    I agree, but did not know whether you wanted word-annotated or variation-annotated games.


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    What I am looking for is a database arranged by opening that contains verbal annotations . None of the above fit the bill but thanx anyway for trying. 

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    I know... Ihave spent hours looking for the same thing, and it does not exist yet. The closest is the gameknot annotated games link but the annotations are mostly by intermediate players. What I ended up studying are the gamesin the free section of openings in the stydy course of chessok.com (ctartchessok.com) where each opening has a series of grandmasters "exemplary games" which are all annotated.

    All other compilation of annotated games is costly. I hope e+books will compile one, their format is great.

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    Any update on this one? Found this thread via google search and I'm looking for the same thing as DrFrank124c.

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     I have not been successful in finding this kind of database, unfortunately.

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    I'd be surprised if you found one. Wouldn't you expect that strong players would want to be paid for their hard work?

    I guess you could get a bunch of public domain annotated books and manually assemble a database. That would be a lot of work, though, and the quality might not be top notch.

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    Yes, it won't be top notch, but we're not talking deep lines either so top notch won't be required that early in book theory. It's certainly doable, though hard work as you say, to implement into a pgn what say Dereque Kelley (among so many others) has been sharing freely online. Well, apparently it's too much work.

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    Thank you Ladyhawk79. It's too little though, isn't it? Both links don't expand any more than move three. While looking for a tree with explanations for say the London system, or the Scotch, both links end their comments here:


    I have found chessable helpful but not complete (nor free).


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