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Answer only if you know new FIDE official BLITZ rules please

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    What is with the obsession with clocks and speed today? Most competitive games have a large increment or delay and this madness of shuffling pieces around and slamming the clock as fast as possible just never occurs. That's the difference between real chess and fast chess. Fast chess is just a circus OTB and not really a test of one's true chess ability/knowledge whatsoever.

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    ESP-918 hat geschrieben:


    You missed one VERY IMPORTANT thing!

    After releasing his hand from the piece he moves again and PRESSES the clock. In that case because he already made a move (let go his hand) , then makes it ANOTHER move which is illegal (because he already made a move remember? Letting go his hand ) AND then presses the clock ( confirms an illegal move).

    Should be considered a lost .


    No, I didn't miss it. I even wrote so. I just don't think that that behaviour is regarded as an illegal move. I'm not sure though. Do you know the specific Fide rule that says, that moving the piece to another square when it was already released is an illegal move?
    In your opinion, would it be an illegal move if you touch a piece and then move another piece and then press the clock? That's similar to the situation here. I don't know the rule in theory but in practice the player has to move the original piece but i have never seen this behaviour result in a loss.

    And yeah, his opponent loses 2 seconds, that's why there's the possibility of time penalty (or time increase for the opponent). But that didn't matter in this game.


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