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Any high rated players want to play a match and talk?

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    I learned everything else as a kid by playing those much better than me. In football, in video games, etc., playing those better than me and hearing their constructive criticism and adapting to the level of play caused me to perform better. 


    As well as this, it would also be nice to be able to talk about chess on some level. No one around me, friends, colleagues, etc., play chess, so it would be nice to have someone to speak with.

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    I would love to if you'll have me :D

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    Although it's kind of arrogant of me to consider myself high rated :P

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    I would love to play a game with you!

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    I could always play a match with you, depending on the day (school). What time control would it be?

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    Though my rating looks bad online, I'm (normally) actually a pretty decent player otb...

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    How do you define high rated

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    My definition of high rated is basically around 1700. I know that that's not technically high in the grand scheme of elo, but, compared to my elo, it would be a substantial improvement over my own ranking.

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    I would be happy to help you.

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    Just looking at your most recent game your problem is hanging pieces. Just try to check that all your pieces are protected. Practice makes perfect in this domain. You will bit by bit get a better instinct just keep on playing.

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    Yeah, I noticed that more. It's really just a matter of me being impatient and refusing to go through the checks as needed. I play too quickly given that I play on 30 minutes.

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    If you want a 7day/move game against me I can send one over. I am 1800+ and more than willing to lend a hand.

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    I can play a match with you, if you think I'm high enough!


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