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Anyone else experience playing really badly?

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    So I recently came back to chess after 2-3 months barely looking at a chess board or doing much at all anything chess related.

    Now I'm really incompetent with tactics - playing speed chess about 200 points worse than before (based on rating tank on another online server, caused by missing a lot of tactical shots), and can't remember a lot of opening lines and patterns I knew before. 

    Anyone else experience this "phenomenon"? It's quite terrible. 

    As for slow chess, I don't know if I'm really worse or not, since I've just played some correspondence. Still, it doesn't feel great. Feels like my thought process is messed up, all over the place.

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    Yes, you and Kasparov have the same problems.

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    The older you get the less sharp you become. I read somewhere people peak at around age 40. I'm 35 and this is the first time I've really been playing, on a daily basis, and I struggle to remember concepts, except the most simplistic e4 openings. I still enjoy it tho.
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    Yup. I've had games where it felt like an avalanche collapsing on top of me.

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    Sometimes I go through 'dry spells' where I'm just not feeling the game. In your case this could just be caused by absence though.

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    Raymond Chandler was the greatest detective fiction writer of all time.  In his last novel "Playback", his detective Philip Marlowe is engaged in a hotel lobby by an old guy with a memorable religious harangue, which ends with "THERE IS NO ART WITHOUT THE RESISTANCE OF THE MEDIUM, NO SUCCESS WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF FAILURE.  IS IT BLASPHEMY TO SUGGEST THAT GOD HAS DAYS WHERE NOTHING GOES RIGHT, AND THAT GOD'S DAYS ARE VERY, VERY LONG?"

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    No, but I reckon His days are still 24 hours long, just like everybody else.

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    God only knows!

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    I think the problem is a lot players like playing bullet chess; I think its really bad for your chess skills and develop bad habits and blunders being one them; one minute is too fast to play a good game and there will be some compromise in one skill. Whatever time limit we play it must be a way to improve our chess skills, three to five minutes is a enough time to play proper chess, maybe the fastest is two minutes and lesser then two minutes. All my comments is base on otb play and if a player wants to reach master level.

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    just go back to using an engine.

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    the problem will go away after a week or a month. 

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    Well, that's the normal situation for me.

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    i have been playing chess for years and now am sometimes getting beaten by my young friend. why. bearing in mind i am young(ish)

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    I have the same, though I play mostly slow chess

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    I've never played any way other than bad.

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    Far be it for me to give you advice, but common sense tells me that you've had a break, cramming in & recalling alot of information for your exams, so it's not surprising that chess intricacies are not at the forefront of your mind to pick up where you left off.

    Identify & repair any weaknesses, allow longer to think, don't worry or get frustrated, be patient with yourself and you'll be back on track in no time.


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