Anyone know how to create a pgn file database using ChessX?


Does anyone know how to create a pgn file database using ChessX?


I'm not relly sure if you can. I just copy and pase my games onto the end of a pgn document using a text editor and then open it in ChessX for annotation.


Depends upon what you are doing.

For example, just a moment ago I used ChessX to open up a pgn database that had a million games in it.  I then filtered out all of the games that did not begin with 1.f4.  (In other words, I searched through this pgn file for all the games that DID begin with 1.f4, often called Bird's Opening.) 

I then chose EXPORT and then GAMES IN FILTER from the FILE menu and saved these 1.f4 games to a new pgn file. 

So that is one way to create a new pgn file using this program.


Thanks! I am specifically looking for a way to get the pgn files here from and put them into different databases based on the opening I play (so one for d4, one for e4, etc.) Any thoughts?


Well, I first suggest having one, master PGN file with ALL your games in that you play here on Once a week or so you can continually update this file and add to it the games you played the prior week. 

This file will contain all your games and nothing but your games.

If you then want to create additional, sub files, with specific openings, you can do so as described above.  You can use ChessX or SCID or a bunch of other databases or pgn utilities to filter out the games that you DON'T want in the sub file.

The first time I downloaded games here on, I selected a bunch of games to download at once, via the "My Game Archive" site, and the file that was e-mailed to me was a jumbled mess!  It didn't have any hard carriage returns in it at all!  Stupid. 

Not all chess software (programs, database utilities, etc.) recognize that type of format, so I had to write a little utility for myself, to "reconstruct" and clean up that "pgn file."  (I use the term "pgn file" loosely because no carriage returns is NOT pgn standard.) 

To me writing this utility and using it once a week, was much, much better than continuously downloading the pgn files one game at a time.  (When I do it one at a time, the format is fine.  But downloading games one at a time is a royal pain.)

I play more often on FICS than I do here, and WinBoard, my interface of choice for FICS, saves all the games I play to my hard drive automatically.