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Apologizing ii

  • #101

    Anybody wanna play with me?

  • #102

    Anybody also wanna apologies, too!

  • #103

    I apologize for my last post here.  And I'm sorry I read or said anything in this forum.

  • #104

    This is a hard adult content tread!

  • #105

    Once you apologize it's obviosly to late!

  • #106
    geolabious wrote:

    THis is serious

    This is not serious.

  • #107

    It's like a game of chess!

  • #108

    Why you stop non-apologies?

    No more excuses to propose for evaluation of your life-bee-line?

  • #109

    i am new and what's that ? i just don't understand

  • #110

    Who are you going to apoligize to?

  • #111

         I'm sorry h777, don't think I need to apologize to anyone.


         But I am sorry about the mess in the kitchen.

  • #112
    Hugh_T_Patterson wrote:

    I was waiting for the sequel to Apologizing Part One. I say I'm sorry with a Hallmark Greeting Card in one hand and a can of gas & matches in the other. As the saying goes, don't bring a knife to a gun fight.


  • #113

    I apologize for everything!

  • #114
    iplay wrote:

    i am new and what's that ? i just don't understand

     Finally, a voice of reason.

  • #115
    paul211 wrote:
    Anna-Girl wrote:

    Apologizing on what? :P

    If you read the original post by "thegab03": where he states:

    I do not agree!

    Then the conclusion, is I think obvious" he does not agree with anything!

    Boy Jaysus, you mothers do try your best to give me the owl headache on St Patricks day? well you nasty breed of mothers indeed shall bow before me & ask for my internale kindness.......Oh yeah, Sir paul211...one should not think, for is it not too dangerous?


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