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As a new Chess.com member you are not yet able to chat in this room (to prevent abuse).

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    I tried to ask a question in "Help & Support" and got this message. Honestly this sounds absurd to me. If anyone has some questions about the site, it is the new members who are trying to figure their way around the site. Not members who are already experienced.

    Forbidding the newbies from asking questions is hilarious.


    And the question I wanted to ask: It's taking about 5 minutes for me to find a 10 minute game every time. Is that normal? I thought Chess.com is a pretty popular site with a lot of users and finding a game should be very quick?

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    There may not be many users looking for a ten minute game, thus the wait.  As for the first thing, yea, it's kinda absurd but the site attracts users who want to spam, I guess that includes Live as well as forums.  Sorry. :/

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    Ok, guess I'll keep making a new thread every time I have a question.

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    That should go away in a few days.

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    Oh and about taking so much time to find games, probably as there aren't many your rating level on a lot.
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    I mean in my experience after reaching 1100 it takes me a while to find games
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    Unfortunately chess.com is not a site that supports thinking.

       So the higher the time limit the more you will have to wait.

        Choose 1 or 3 min and you won't have to wait at all.

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    Pretty sure if you verify your email address you can chat. Otherwise, you have to wait.

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    It's nice to watch 2x10 minute games played by higher rated players, they are very good for learning. 5 minutes and faster are useless in this respect because before I can think about a moved piece or a position the game has already evolved, so it's just as entertaining as watching 2 computers play against eachother. I agree with the writer of this post.There are not many 10 minute games played and you have to click fast on them or else you miss the opening. 15 minutes would be my favourite to watch, but I guess nobody plays 15/0 games anymore.

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    I also think that very fast games are not good for learning because many mistakes are made due to time pressure. But that is a different topic.

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    do you want to be friends on this game


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    plz anwser


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    who are you asking the question to?

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    Martin_Stahl wrote:

    Pretty sure if you verify your email address you can chat. Otherwise, you have to wait.

    I verified my email. Someone told me the restriction gets lifted after 2 days and 20 games.

    I'm just saying that all the new members would've migrated to a different site by then. That probably explains part of the reason why there are so many dead accounts on here. 

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     Anu,  along with email verification, there's also a bunch of paperwork you have to fill out to ensure the site that you won't sue them.  We actually had a user years ago get so frustrated with losing games that he threatened them with a lawsuit if he wasn't allowed to use an engine while playing.  I believe the case was eventually thrown out of court.

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    I joined September 12 and I have played fifty games, mainly crazyhouse, and I still can't chat. It just keeps telling me: As a new chess.com member you are not yep able to chat in this room (to prevent abuse) Could it be a bug?


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