Battle Royale Puzzle Contest


Rules: Each week, I will post a puzzle from You will have to PM me the answer during the week. To message me, click on my profile and click on the button that says the word "message". You only have to include the first move of the answer, and those who solve correctly move on to the next round. Those who do not solve correctly or follow the rules get eliminated. The last person standing is the winner.

How to Get Eliminated: This is the list of ways to get eliminated. Try your best to not fall for any of them.

  • Person did not message me the answer anytime during the week.
  • Person messaged me, but his/her answer was incorrect.
  • Person cheated by using a chess engine or outside help.
  • Person reveals the answer in this thread before the week is up.
  • Person repeatedly spammed in this thread, or advertised a club that has nothing to do with solving puzzles.

Shenanigans: After you are eliminated, your answers do not count and you will not be brought back to the competition. You will get muted by me if you reveal the answer to any puzzle.

Participation: Write your username in the comments if you want to join (Ex. @DragonB12)

Join Club: Everyone who joined this contest and is therefore competing.

  • @LeoLeo123456
  • @YangyangShenorBabyKoi
  • @Meep007

@LeoLeo123456  I want to join!


@YangyangShenorBabyKoi I want to join





Sorry my username doesn't work, it's too long.



Umm… you have not yet sent me the puzzle.
Meep007 wrote:
Umm… you have not yet sent me the puzzle.

There's not enough players


It's been too long, so I'll start with some practice problems. You are welcome to join in and solve the puzzle if you haven't already. I just want to know if everyone is still active and can hear me, so plz respond or solve the puzzle. For the puzzle, answer using private chat or direct messaging so you get in the habit of doing so once the real competition starts. Here is your first puzzle:

White to move and win. This is a practice problem to get your brain juices flowing.