Beginner rating after 2 months

Just curious, what is the average rating for after a beginner after two months. I have played about 100 games with a 669 rating. 46 wins and 48 loses. Do I suck or is that average
Well, not saying that you suck, but you’re only better than 9.3% of people here in rapid
100 games is not a lot, you will keep learning. when I started in December last year I was 700, now I am a lot better just by staying strong and keep playing. its crazy the little things you learn. Are you doing tactics ? Also done some of the lessons on ? It's free :) Trust me your gonna notice little tricks and your score will rocket up. Just keep playing also try the opening wayward queen trap. It won't work when you get higher but fun and good way to open and will win most games at lower level.
Good luck

That's pretty normal.

Your first 100 games are mostly about getting used to all the rules (including tricky ones like castling, en passant, pawn promotion, and things like stalemate).

And getting used to trying to visualize your intended move to check whether it's safe.


I looked at a few of your games. It's the usual stuff like being more focused on your potential threats than what your opponent's last move actually is threatening, not placing a high enough value on opening principals during the first 10 or so moves, and not placing a high enough value on saving your own material.

You certainly seem to know the point values (like 1,3,3,5,9) and you seem to know about development, and of course you're checking whether your moves are safe, but I'm saying what will help you improve is doing these things more consistently.


For example




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Nfld709 wrote:
Just curious, what is the average rating for after a beginner after two months. ...

I think that a lot depends on the specifics of what one does during the two months.


i was around 850 two months ago, now I am around 950, after 200 gsmes, so an avarage of 0,25 points for each played game.

I started playing chess from no experience at all, less than a year ago. Here i am. Sometimes loosing, sometimes winning

I started doing tactics and my blitz rating went up 140 and climbing in 30 days. check my profile. do more tactics!!!!!


I was not rated as a kid, nor did I know about ratings. I was under 1000, based on what little I knew. worrying about 700 ratings is a phenomena for those who start as adults. I would not worry too much.