Being polite.


I also say Good Game if the opponent has not left already.  Sometimes we even rematch.  I agree, common courtesy is the best way to go but so many in the world today have done away with it.  We can only control what we do and try to be the best example we can be for others.


Win, lose or draw, I always say good game. Sure, some people might think you're being sarcastic because online you can't tell if someone is sincere. Most opponents don't respond, but I've made several friends simply by offering a gg which led to a friendly chat. It's just a game, folks. Relax.



I agree wholeheartedly with eagle-26 thumbup.png 👍
tygxc wrote:

When Fischer played Botvinnik at Varna in 1962, he only spoke 3 words:
1) Fischer
2) Sorry
3) Draw

I wouldn't base anything in my life on Fisher.