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Best Music to listen to while playing chess?

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    Tron film soundtrack and anything similar

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    Obviously the appearance of a chessboard on your laptop screen or anywhere in the room will TOTALLY affect your standard musical preferences.

    Metal lovers will only so be able to dig fine jazz music, Michael Jackson's fans will commence to fully understand Prince and much more alike is going to happen. Ahhh, it's wonderful, what a chessboard can do.

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    I use http://playlistsound.com/ because its eought smart to get related music and artists after I choose genre or singer, its also free and support radio stations so I can play hours a day and listen whatever I want.

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    the sounds of silence

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    This could work for blitz/rapid play:

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    Audio books, are my go to.

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    Men At Work. The Australian group from the 1980's. If the lead singer played in chess tournaments he could watch the board next to his game while looking at his own board at the same time. Multi tasking. Now that I got that dumb comment out of the way, great music too.

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    Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Mogwai

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    Oh yeah, I forgot about Radiohead. They're awesome.


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    don't wanna sound rude, but they have so many better songs than Creep, I hope you are aware of that happy.png

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    1000 Days by Tool is a nice soothing album to listen to while playing chess.


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