Better to play as WHITE or BLACK


I know statistically that if White's plays e4 as his first move his chances of winning go dramatically higher. However even after knowing this I prefer to play openings other than e4 for White. Also I still prefer being White @Arshisweet44


White will always have the advantage of the first move (which often means having the last move too).   So, of course it's white.   If you're better with black than you are with white (I was too, for a while) then you need to work on your attacking skills, tactics, openings, middlegame strategy, endgame theory, pawn structures, etc.

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i think chess is kida racist u know wut i mean? lol

My cousin said that when I asked her if she wanted to play a game, irl. She said she wanted to be black, and asked if she could go first... I said, white always goes first, she was like... “WHAT?!?” 😂

Yeah, when I was a kid we didn't know that white always moved first either.   I would always take white and my brother would always take black, but we took turns moving first.

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Hmm I do like the French defense, however once black plays e6 , block's odds of winning drop to around 30%, so I'm not sure if that's your best option statistically, but I still do like the French

I used to be a French Defense player, but I switched to the Sicilian about 15-20 years ago because I discovered some weaknesses in the French (kingside safety and the bad bishop).   However, it seems that the Sicilian also has those same weaknesses in some variations.   Also to note is that Alpha Zero totally busted the French, so it's probably just a matter of time before people stop playing it altogether.   Having knowledge of the French Defense helps my Sicilian game quite a bit though, as I can transpose into a French pawn setup and feel very comfortable with it, which oftens gets white out of book early on.


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