Bobby Fischer vs Magnus Carlsen


«Fischer never faced such strong opponents as Carlsen has» ok, but Carlsen never faced the whole elite as he did in 1972. Imagine Caruana being Carlsen's opponent and Ding, Nepo, Naka, Giri, Kramnik, Grischuk and Aronian being part of his team.


Agreed. Fischer was facing the Soviet chess empire. Not only was he good, he had lots of pressure, not the stuff like Magnus faces. Im not saying Magnus doesnt face pressure, but Fischer could very well get assasinated. Fischer's life was chess. He clearly had a disorder, but his life was chess. Magnus's life isnt chess. He does other things, but Fischers life was literally all chess.

pfren escribió:

Carlsen is the least computer dependent top player currently (together with Peter Svidler). He is the world's #1 simply because of his phenomenal positional understanding, and awesome fighting spirit.

IMO he has the potential (provided that he will work a bit on his soft spot, which surely enough is the opening preparation) to be the first one to come close to the 2900 ELO barrier.

Svidler too. He probably has an IQ around 200 or so, plays stunning chess (no need for advertisement- his SIX wins in the Russian individual championship speak volumes about his skill), but IMO he is a bit old to cure his almost pathological laziness.

I feel that if we could transport Fisher of the early seventies to our era, and settle a match against Carlsen, or Svidler in Fisher Chess/Chess960 (no opening theory involved) he would lose quite easily.

200 IQ? LOL

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The core of the original work itself isn't pseudoscience, but conclusion is. Reasons have been already written here.

And people think good chess players are smart :/

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"from Blackburne to Carlsen, players have been playing the same game. So no change at all"


Hard to argue against that statement :-)

That's debatable, in the (very) old days there was no time control, also, drawing rules have changed over time, mainly the 50 move rule.

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fabehalf, maybe you are right, but saying that Fischer lost his match vs Reshevsky is a lie. They finished tied: +2 -2 =7

Fischer abandoned the match.





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Based on???