Can intelligent person suck at chess, forever?

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    It's not that smart people suck at chess, but that people who play chess aren't smart.  Smart people cure diseases, work for NASA, rig the stock market, etc.

    Of those who do play, it's like the 5000 guys who all want the nice geeky girl at the tournament, the one who manages to convince all of them that she's their soulmate, while laughing at their ignorance of basic probability.

    If you want to be a champion you need to be talented, to train for a few decades without any serious distraction, and to want to absolutely rip the throat out of any creature stupid enough to command the pieces in opposition to your army, a group you can hear crying out to you as if you were The Last Man on Earth and they were a bunch of worms or soccer balls.

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    Yes, intelligent people can suck at chess forever.

    Best exemple: Bill Gates. He likes chess, but is a deep patzer:


    The reason is that Bill and other intelligent people do not study chess a lot. They play only a few games and study only a few hours by year.

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