Can intelligent person suck at chess, forever?

Chse0c wrote:

Intelligence and chess rating?

How about a graph, IQ on one axis, chess rating on another. Something to do for fun?

Have a lot of top chess players taken IQ tests and have them on record?  I doubt it.

darkunorthodox88 wrote:

My problem is that when I analyze the games after, rarely I find any tactics and very rarely tactics missed.  How being good at tactics will help me to rise hundreds of points above my rank and become a better player? The analysis only reveals that I might have won 1 out of 10 of the games I lost, by being better at tactics>>>

There's a logical flaw there. You probably see the relatively clear tactics that your opponent used and you missed. You probably missed the deeper tactics but most significantly, if you consistently miss tactical blows that YOU can use, your analysis may not show them up and nor will you prepare for them. If you don't really like tactical play you won't head towards them almost instinctively. Instead, you'll play moves that tend to eliminate them.


Hi ozziec, which books did you use?