Can One Do This With ChessMaster 11?


I'm debating on whether I should get Fritz or Chessmaster. I hear that Fritz is very complicated to use and I am a very uncomplicated kind of guy. What I want to be able to do with a chess program is set up a position and then play the computer from said position. This way I can figure out how to improve my fundamentals. Does anyone have ChessMaster 11 and can you do this or do I need Fritz?


you can set up a position on chessmaster and i really like the chessmaster academy


Fritz isn't difficult to use for regular playing its just the database part of it that can be a pain in the butt. Setting up a position to play from is really straightforward, plus you get much better analysis than with Chessmaster.


Yes you can set up the positions from chesmaster, even copy position/ or PGN games from frits and paste them and play them. Chessmaster you can lean through chessmaster academy and play. but its online games is not user friendly.


i must admit i like the academy in chessmaster


if you like to play against the computer, maybe, chessmaster is better because you have a different personalities (with diffrent elos) to play against... And you have the chess academy with exercicies to praticte...

But if you like the real stuff you should go for fritz... Its better.. its what all GM use.