Carlsen vs Kasparov vs Fischer vs Capablanca: Who would win?!

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    varelse1 wrote:
    913Glorax12 wrote:

    All four players are above human status


    Just like Coco!

    Complete agreement

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    Just to mix it up and make the thread less one sided...

    Capablanca would win since hes the strongest raw talent, fastest learner and closest to a computer just on his own resources. Kasparov and fischer both needed to work extremely hard with theory and preparation. It turns out that analyzing Capas moves with a computer, they were more accurately played than any other human.

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    skullyvick wrote:

    After some thought and research I find three and four player chess totally bogus because of the gang up factor of two or three players trying to eliminate a stronger or weaker player. In the case of Carlsen, Kasparov, Fischer and Capablanca you are going to see Fischer play fair while the others are going to look for the weaker moves and try to eliminate that player in tandem. Fischer would find this irritating and throw a tantrum of biblical proportions. Carlsen would keep his cool and his head down all the while calulating. Kasparov would eventually get pissed get up shake everyones hand and leave. Capablanca would be half drunk and tired from one of his all night forlics. Eventually Carlsen and Fischer would emerge as end game combatants and Carlsen would win being the better end game player.

    Fischer would shake his hand, walk away and blame poor lighting, Russian's sending radio signals into his dental fillings and of course all the Jewish people for such a disgusting loss!

    -Owen Lee Hughman

    did you really just attribute yourself to your own quote

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    I do believe he just did

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    Capablanca of course. He is amazing player witha  simplicity, tecnique and artist way of playing. He teachs Carlsen how to play. I must say that the style of Carlsen is the style of Capablanca. Thats the reason why i choose the amazing cuban.

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    Well, that is reasonable.

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    Lasker would win.

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    Fischer because he invented Fischer random so he should have more experience playing chess variants.
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    capablanca would kick all their asses. then Morphy would show up and they would all,run for their lives.....

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    hummmmmm .... this is very interesting ! Think it could be hard fight between Kasparov and Fischer .... I bet my money on Fischer but my favorite for his style is Capablanca.
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    Anatoly Karpov

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    Those two were never part of the game so how would they win?

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    With magic

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    "He was the first player to reach 2800"


    Fischer never reached 2800...what are you talking about?

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