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Carlson Doesnt Deserve A Title Shot?

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    Why the hell no one knows how to spell his name on this forums? It's freaking CARLSEN. Same goes for Cramnik, Nakurama, Fisher etc.

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    This thread is 17 months old, he probably knows how to write it by now :)

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    Carlsberg should just quit staring at pieces of wood and get a life while he's still young.

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    Why shouldn't he? He is the world champion!

  • #45

    And it's spelt Carlsen

  • #46

    As well as the second best player in the world behind Fabiano Caruana.

    Looking forward to a Car-Car title fight, long time since the Ka-Ka matches.

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    Are you ? Aw schucks.

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    Theresa82 wrote:

     First of all his name is spelled Carlsen not Carson you feeble minded twit! You probably play chess as well as you spell names. Being the World Champion he does deserve another shot at the title...

    You realize this was a year-and-a-half old post, right?


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