Castling rules


Hi everybody,

played a game of chess today where my opponent castled. You can see a screen shot of the position on the board. One of the rules I found about castling is the following: The king moves through a square that is attacked by a piece of the opponen. Does the program used for playing chess on don't take this rue in consideration?

I took 2 screen shots to exemplify the positions where the castling took place.

Any help on the matter is much appreciated :)


The rule only applies to squares two to the left or right of the king.  The opponent can attack b1 and you can still castle. 


e could also castle Kingside,even though the rook is attacked


Here's the way to think about it.  There are 6 things that must be met to be able to castle:

1) The King can not castle out of check

2) The King can not castle over check

3) The King can not castle into check

4) The King can not have previously moved

5) The Rook it is castling with can not have previously moved

6) There can not be any pieces of either color in between the King and Rook.

If all 6 of these restrictions are met, you can castle.  Doesn't matter if the Rook is under attack, or jumping a sqaure that's under attack.  Only restriction with the Rook is that it hasn't moved.

chessmicky wrote:

As others have said, the King didn't pass over any attacked squares, just the rook. To be fair, some famous Grandmaster--perhaps Tigran Petrosian-- was also confused about this rule and summoned the tournament director when his opponent castles in a position like yours! So don't feel bad.

I think it was Korchnoi?


Yeah Korchnoi.


Thanks a lot to you all for clarifying the matter!

Much appreciated : )


Well at least you've got that going for you