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Cat Avatar

  • #1

    How many of you have cat avatars?

    Is it your own cat and if so what is he/she called?

    My girl is 14 and she's called Jinji!

  • #2

    scott-64 has a cat avatar!

  • #3

    YOU (choccocat) have a cat avatar!!

  • #4

    Grumpy cat pretty much says it all with my relationship with chess.  

  • #5

    Ugh, cats.

  • #6

    Oscar does look a bit grumpy.... but gorgeous nevertheless!

    Must be his name...remember Oscar The Grouch in Sesame Street?

  • #7
    ivandh wrote:

    Ugh, cats.

    How about you gtfo

  • #8

    It's a joke, see the avatar Groucho.

  • #9

    ugh, Alekhines.

  • #10

    My cats can swim, just aren't in the picture.


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