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Chess Advice

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    The BEST chess advice would be __________________

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    the internet is filled with advice. therefore the best advice I got was to stick to one book at a time. don't try to learn 20 things at the same time.

    before that advice I was reading 10 books and learning something from each book and at the same time watching 25 chess videos.

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    The Best chess advice would be make the best moves

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    padman wrote:

    Position the board so that the sun is in the opponents eyes


    Now that goes against the rules. You're supposed to apportion the sun before you begin....

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    Quit now and do something useful.

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    Play players that are stronger than you, you can learn quite a bit just from your own games.

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    bsrasmus wrote:

    The BEST chess advice would be make good moves.

     I have to ask what do you define as a good move.

    sometimes I get the urge to "set the board on fire" with a more or less dubious move. even if it is dubius I have a plan sometimes I win by it.

    some play 1.e4 2.c5 .Na3?! even GM's but they have a plan.


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