Chess as Presented in Code Geass


The goal of this topic is to:

a) Find which episodes have chess in them.

b) Analyze the games. Are they really playing chess or are they just randomly moving chess shaped pieces?

Hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about....... Undecided


ive seen the show, but dont really watch it.  chess is commonly seen in television shows, but it always seems impossible to anaylize the pieces.


You get some fairly good shots of the positions on the board. I just want to know if they're actually playing, and if they are, what sort of strategies they're using.


well i am quite a fan of code geass and have analyzed most of their chess scenes.

perhaps one of the more memorable chess scene is the scene from the very first episode. rivalz says that lelouch has absolutely no way of winning and eventually lelouch wins in just under 9 minutes. however, after analyzing their chess board, i realized that in that position it was more or less impossible for lelouch (black) not to win. he was in such a favorable position that i was actually quite amused that it took him 9 minutes.

the other notable chess scene is the duel between lelouch and schenizel. this one, unlike the other one was completely ridiculous. the people comment that they are tied, when one obviously has a few piece advantage. the most crazy thing is, after a few shots at different angles of the game, a few pieces suddenly show up of nowhere. this just proves my point.

so in conclusion, code geass is an awesome anime. however the chess depicted in it is total bogus, its just the producers idea of creating some sort of cool strategic motif in the show.


When Lelouch plays against Scneizel, they put their Kings infront of each other. I'm pretty sure that happened. Can anyone verify that.


Yeah, I think I remember that happening? Weren't the onlookers saying something like "he's sacrificing his king" or something like that? And then his opponent just moved away. I think that by itself basically throws any kind of chess realism in the show out of the window.


I like the chess aspect in Code geass, but when Lelouch and Scneizel played and scneizel placed his king infront of lelouch's, I was thinking, OBJECTION!!! I know the writers wanted to make the chess game a more meaningful show but come on, breaking the rules just isn't right.

I believe that the animators are just like the rest of the anime chess users, they know the basics of play but only use the game of chess to represent a mind battle between the opponents. They probably do not care much for the actual game itself.


Heh, from what I've seen that is accurate. Some of the positions looked really strange, etc. And the whole "king face-off" was just symbolism I guess.


Yes the chess games in code geass are all acurate.

Also the game at the begining is the same as the battle in shinjuku, i would  assume that others are the same.


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First Match - First Episode.

Hasn't the black knight on h3 check on the white king on g1. And if black has the next move the game would already be check mate. When instead white has the next move, you are not able to win. The queen can start with 3 moves to direct your moves by checking the king. After this its just a matter of time until check mate.


Hahaha, thread necro'd with a bad translation. Oh, internet.

infinitum wrote:

When Lelouch plays against Scneizel, they put their Kings infront of each other. I'm pretty sure that happened. Can anyone verify that.

 Yes they did, which I'm pretty sure is illegal.


That it is! May I ask how you found this thread? It's now 3 years old. Surprised


I typed code geass and chess in google and this forum appeared =)


Wow, was it like on the first page or what? I figured Code Geass videos would be the first thing to come up. Are you enjoying Laughing


I think it was actually. There was a couple of videos but most were fan fiction. I love, it's getting quite addictive though now lol =)


Also I just looked up the fisrt episode game and the black is one move checkmate.


Hehe, I remember when I first started this site I was out of control, way too many games at once! And yeah, Code Geass sorta trivializes the strategy aspect of Chess. XD


Just thought I'd go ahead and post this for the first game :)

I thought the first game was surprisingly realistic (once I figured out what the pieces were).  Unfortunately, the whole "He's sacrificing his king!" thing in the match with Schneizel...


That is one of the weirdest setups I think I've ever seen. Thanks so much for posting the actual game though, very cool! Laughing