Chess Book Study updated - Now speak to make a move! (Android)

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    Today I released v1.5 of Chess Book Study app to the Google Play Store.

    Chess Book Study v1.5 has an interesting 'Talk to Move' feature! Yes, you just speak the move and it will be played on the board! 


    More details on the features in v1.5

    My Chess apps in the Android Play Store





    For the love of the game!

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    Chess Book Study android app has been updated. Personally very excited and happy with the end result!

    What's new?

    ☆ EBookDroid has been upgraded to 1.5.6. CBS now supports all the features of ebookdroid like Auto Crop, Split, Search etc.

    ☆ Works well with other Chess apps. Now "Copy PGN" can immediately open the position in Chess for Android or DroidFish apps. You can save the PGN from that app.

    More details

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    I've been reading about this app and it seems great. Actually useful and unique. Any plans on developing it for iOS?

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    hi, sorry no iOS plans.

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    Cool maaaan

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