chess clubs in London


I didn't know which section to post this in. I'm looking for a casual environment in London( central or West ideally) to play chess in that isn't too dear to join. I would prefer it if anyone knew of a casual meet-up type arrangement in a pub, or something, but a club environment would be fine as well.


Have you heard of a great little tool called Google?


yeah, yeah, i get it, you've finally mastered sarcasm over the pond, but, I've already seen them and they look too serious. I've searched rigorously but want a casual, matey meet-up type scenario. I was hoping this would start a discussion on which was the best one anyway , the pros and cons etc.


aren't you a glorified colony of ours? stop playing chess and go fetch me some tea.


Well, a mere six years after the OP, hopefully this place will get up and running in 2015:


There's a great club in Hammersmith - these guys have all sorts of events on:


The best chess club in London is Battersea!


Google tends to rank Hammersmith higher.... you decide!!! 😘