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Chess Columns and puzzles

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       Does your local newspaper, magazine (not including chess club newletter etc.)   run any chess column or puzzle ? I have the weekly chess columns by David Ellis (Friday) "The West Australia" and I get the "Sunday Times" which supply the daily puzzles by Leonard Barden. Or has yours stopped publishing it ? 

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    Here in the Vatican we get tic tac toe puzzles.

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    Our local stopped in the 1980s. Evans column.

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    *smack on head*...  "oh boy, have to do something about X"

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    Ouch!Surprised How's your head? Sorry about that!

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    sshh..got to keep it quiet here, don't want tonydal to hear this ok?  I forgot to mention we also get it on the Thursday paper (chess column) 'The Australian' by Raymond Keerne shh..please.

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    Don't you have the internet for that sort of bu*****... I mean crap

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    Laughing careful there.

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    Hey BorgQueen do you remember the 'Bulletin' magazine that have an article including a puzzle and you can win a prize (book supplies by chessdiscountsales, sadly this store has just closed down because Peter Parr has retired) ? I won it twice . They stop in the early 90's ?

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    No, I don't recall it.  Was it an Australia-wide publication?  Perhaps it didn't exist in SA ... or more likely I just didn't get it.

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    Australia wide.

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    There are very few newspapers in the US that carry a chess column. The New York Times and SF Chronicle are 2 of the very few that do. GM Soltis used to write a column for the NY Post, or maybe he still does for all I know. Bridge and astrology columns are much more common. Gary Kasparov is a contrbutor to the Wall St Journal, but he writes about Russian current events and politics, not chess.

    Besides, anyone with internet access can get along very nicely without ever reading a newspaper chess column, 

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    Yes, here in Denmark chess is in a few newspapers. Of what i know, GM Sune Berg Hansen writes daily in Politiken (btw the sponsor of Copenhagen Open), GM Allan Stig Rasmussen writes (or have written?) in some newspaper i cant remember, and in the area i live in, we have a weekly newspaper, where the leader of Holbæk Chessclub (the biggest in our area, almost 100 members) writes. One of my games in their tournement was in the last one about a year ago! I of course won a great game :P

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    Dunedin, NZ "Otago Daily Times" run a chess columns every Saturday, not sure by whom ?

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    kco wrote:

    Dunedin, NZ "Otago Daily Times" run a chess columns every Saturday, not sure by whom ?

     Is currently done by Quentin Johnson and before him was by  NM Tony Dowden


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