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Chess computer breakdown

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    I was just wondering if I am alone or some of you out there have experienced the same thing.  Many of the chess computers I play seem to play brilliantly until they come up against a strong disadvantage.  Chess Titans on Vista (of course not a top line engine but...) even on its hardest setting seems almost to go into Kamikaze mode when it starts loosing badly and it will needlessly sacrifice pieces etc.  I am not a programmer but I wonder why such a phenomena could exist on programs designed to coolly make rational moves regardless of the situation.  It is almost like the computers become unnerved.  Then again maybe it is just me...

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    I have found the same problem. That's why I try to play with humans whenever possible.
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    Im not sure, but my guess would be that the programmers spend less time on the AI in that situation. The thinking being that it's better to not get in a situation where you are losing.

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