Chess diagrams for Word


How do you make and insert Chess positions in diagrams for Microsoft Word?


There may be a much simpler way, but I just do a post on here, make a board and all that.

Then, before I actually post it (in the end it's never posted) I press the print-screen button (which copys a picture of your screen to the clipboard) then open paint, do a ctrl+v (paste) and crop and save as necessary.

After that, inserting a picture into micosoft word is easy.

Of course this could be done just as easily with any other viewer or engine board, but I like and am used to the size and colors on here, so that's how I do it.


Well, there are Chess Fonts (you probably have some installed on your computer if you run any chess software at all), you just type in the position if you can figure whick keys to use.

You have keys/combinations for Blank White or Black Squares, and also a Black White (K, Q, R, N, B, p) on Black White Squares.

Possible, but cumbersome.

Or, you could download the excellent little (free) utility epd2diag, spend 10 minutes learning to use it, and make fully customizable diagrams.


Is there a way to type in a FEN and have it converted to a position in Word?