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Greetings happy.png


A friend asked me about the new website and how they could go about and around and enjoy it as they used to with the old version, well, here's what i told them and thought it might also be of use to many other players, so here you are, enjoy and share if you found it useful happy.png


As for the new website look, i have been using the new look since my day one and therefore i have no problem with it, everything is in order and look great, i don't like some additions they have added which makes the game launch slower than before, otherwise, no problems with getting around and finding things, but since you are asking, i will do my best to produce a user's guide for you by attaching some screenshots and descriptions, hope it will clear things up for you


So, let's start from the homepage:

When i go to the homepage this is what my homepage looks like:



Starting from the the far top left, you have the logo which is always the fastest way to get back to the homepage with a click.

To the right of that logo, you will find a link to the 'Old' which i have never used wink.png



Next to that, there is a link for the user to click on and have the menus on the left of the screen rather than on the top, which i don't like wink.png



And next to that, when you hover over the link, a submenu will popup as shown below to help the website developers, who are very kind and helpful, and inform them of any bugs or if you have any suggestions:



And after that, there's a link to the user's own profile, as in my case, it says: the international:



Next, there are a few link buttons, click on the first button, and you'll be taken to a game that you have the least amount of time to play your move,


the next button is to show you if you have any new messages and takes you to your inbox, which has recently been updated to a very complex email-like page,


and after that there is a button that shows whether or not you have got any notifications:



almost done for the first line wink.png


Next, you'll see a gear representing the 'Settings'



And finally on that line, you'll find the search button:



OK, now comes the most useful button, PLAY, which when you hover over with your mouse, you will be presented with all you really need submenu:



i am sure the menu items are clear for you, just pick your choice between: Live Chess, where you play fast games and you make sure you have a solid connection! Daily Chess, as we used to play and will play again soon; Computer, you play against the computer and you can set your level; Tournaments is where you can join tournaments created by people or you can create your own!

Vote chess, i don't understand and archive is just that happy.png

By the way, if you click on the PLAY button itself, you will also be taken to a game with the least amount of time to reply.


Now, next on the menu is Learn:



Clicking on the LEARN button itself takes me to 'tactics' maybe because it's also first on the submenu! So, if you only want to practise and improve your tactics, that's the shortcut.

The rest of the submenu is clear and self explanatory, but if you have any doubts, click and explore!

Share, is where you share and enjoy what others have shared, enjoy!



And finally, Forums:



it really is the same link as the one under Share submenu.


Well, there's only one more button from the top that i haven't explained yet, and that's the home button:


Hover over the home button which is made clear with a house icon and you'll be presented with its own submenu and buttons where you can change stuff such as your background, your board and pieces looks and so on and also view stuff of your own such as your trophies you have achieved and profile.


Hope this has been helpful.


Best wishes and challenge me if you dare!




I think I'll pass. 

Old one is much easier to use and it is so intuitive and user friendly it needs no explanation. 


I agree with Dodger


I definitely prefer the "Old Format" It's easier for me to use!


You know what!

We are chess players!

Are you kidding me???


that word should be forgotten as soon as you entre the world of chess, no?

Challenge the new and challenge your abilities, do not run away from new and modern, use it and use it to your advantage. That's the spirit of chess, isn't it?

Having said that, you can keep your choices, but if you are afraid of the new, don't tell anyone you play chess!


me also @ the international. i have never used the link to the old chess com. i don't need it. iam completely satisfied with the new edition. 


Nicely done, international guy.

I sometimes go into v2 for certain things such as to check out the photo albums (v3 eliminated them) and cringe each time I click the "old" link.  Until I used v3 in the classical mode, I didn't realize how outdated v2 had become and only familiarity kept me there.

All I can say is chacun à son goût.


To each, their own!