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Chess for women.

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    A new group has been created for women, some big team matches are also planned. The group is called womanly chess.

    Join the group here! http://www.chess.com/groups/home/womanly-chess


  • #2

    Are the beards an absolute requirement?

  • #3

    I'm just running it, not playing in it.

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    Is your beard by any chance blue?

  • #6

    No not blue

  • #7

    Do women play other chess? A knight extra perhaps?

  • #8

    You don't get knights if you're a woman, you get ponies.

  • #9

    not blue ?  bummer!

    ok, how about trimming it and sticking the hairs to your chest in the shape of a spider ?

  • #10

    Yes, that sounds good. A spider chest haha! And no red lady, equal starting positions - afterall, women are better than men at chess.

  • #11

    So what are your plans for this "team" exactly?  We won't start seeing new members "disappearing" after a few weeks now right?

  • #12

    i reckon our "knight" sounds good at day and night, so i think all's cool John!

  • #13

    This is a real co-incidence cos I was thinking of setting up a Manly Chess Group for men only. Smile

  • #14

    i am in ruby Cool

  • #15

    Me too :-)

  • #16

    you are a woman, you can't join. sorry Kiss

  • #17

    I've set up a group for people who live in my village, it's going amazingly.

  • #18

    amazingly silent?

  • #19

    Are you by any chance trying to create a 'chess harem'?

       That would be reprehensible and I'm furious at myself for not thinking of it first.

      This is what my chess harem would look like - here the ladies are doing some openings preparation before a big tournament:

  • #20

    red-lady wrote:

    amazingly silent?

    You may mock me now, but when internet chess takes off in Sidford in 2020 I will be the one having the last laugh.


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