chess in shanghai


I been in shanghai a year now but only recently discovered that a chess club is up and running here.

3pm on sundays in Oscars bar, Fuxing Lu, Heng shan lu.

People bring boards and clocks of their own but if you have one yourself, bring it along also.

Stanard is mixed from a lot lot better than me to lower levels.

If anyone is interested come along.

If anyone else living in shanghai on here, challenge me to a game (10day time out preferred although i normally will move daily)


Shanghai suprise!


is this club still going, if so i want to come along.....


hi I want you to be my friend can i challege you here?I know Im not good in this game but I try my best to bit you Sir!!!GudBLess!!


The Shanghai Chess Club


New players always welcome



Time passage   (Every thursday night 'Chess for whiskey')


Every month a bottle of whiskey is being given to the player who gets the most points in 20 minute + each games (1 for loss, 2 for draw, 3 for a win)

The food is good here, Company is great. Come along for chess

The barmen and the chef all play chess so if you see no one playing chess when you arrive, ask them for a game

No 183, 1038 Huan Shan Lu,
near Fuxing Xi Lu


just come and play


please tell Jamse
James: how are your near ? thank ! I don't find my on the bill Shanghai chess rsults marches what make be to be with CHN, again , you or men sucessfull facts again ! , . tell to Shangai chess members , I play chess still when I have time ., .
thank ! lin .


Wish I had known about the club when I was in China. Still, I might go back for a visit, so I will keep it in mind for an off day