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Chess is for sadistic people

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    Unknown person wrote:

    i feel incredibly enlightened suddenly :)

    So the thread here was worth it.

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    indeed it was :)

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    I disagree with the line "sadist in life => sadist on board, non-sadist in life => non-sadist on board". I guess I'm a decent human being (or at least I try to be) in real life. But I'm a total sadist on board and I can confidently claim that this sadist nature absolutely does NOT translate to real life. I love to see all people pursue their respective dreams and prosper, without getting into each others' ways. The fact that we can harmlessly simulate gladiatorial battles inside sixty-four squares has nothing to do with what happens outside it. Think about all those creepy video games with guns and blood-shed.. it's all about perspective.

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    It's not that chess makes sadists, its that some people are sadists, then play chess.


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