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Chess Is Not A Sport. It's A Hobby For Nerds.

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    Why does it matter what it's called? It's fun.

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    I checked in my dictionary and it had about 8 different definitions for sport. Some included a physical activity and some did not. The first one (from Webster"s New World College Dictionary 4th edition) : "1. any activity or experience that gives enjoyment or recreation; pastime; diversion" clearly chess falls into this category. As far as whether chess players are nerds i think once you get past a certain age group (mid-20s?) you don't really care what label someone wants fit you into, you realize that you are many things and labels are just a shortcut for people who like to make things simple. As to whether the comments were funny well i guess you had to be there, but hardly original.

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    nameno1had wrote:
    TheGrobe wrote:

    It is possible to both not care and be social inept.

    Yeah, there are a few of those around, they come out of the wood work once in a while....

    huhuh wood

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    Let's make it happen!

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    I dunno if chess is a sport, it doesn't really matter to me.

    Super hard to define a sport imo, is it about it being physical? In real life normal chess it doesn't matter much. In rl bullet chess being able to move more quickly is pretty important already.

    If you'd make a gamestyle with 5 seconds each, it'll become entirely physical and purely about speed and reaction time. is that a sport? is bullet a sport? you might be up in horrible time trouble in normal chess as well, where speed and a short reaction time might benefit you.

    quite a big grey area imo.

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    in sport you train parts of your body in order to get better or more powerful. As far as I remember the brain is still a part of the body ;)

    in a chess tournament you sweat, burn a lot of calories, and millions of electric impulses shoot through your body. in the end you lift your arm to do what your brain ordered. it's not different from other sports. In other sports you will have just more external visible results of the process and in chess there is more internal work.

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    I looked up the definition of sport on the "internet" . . . where everything is true . . . and got this. It's the one I'm sticking with.

    1. sport  512 up113 down
    the name your dad calls you by that makes you feel like a total loser, which you probably are anyway (synonyms: champ, chief, etc.)
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    Elubas wrote:

    TheGrobe: Depends on what you mean.

    Story of my life.


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